VVVVVV Gameplay Video

VVVVVV started as a design exercise. I wanted to work on something a little lighter for a while, and I thought it would only take a week, maybe two. I didn’t for a second think I’d still be working on it almost three and a half months later.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m hoping to finish this up in the new few weeks. More info soon!


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  1. Jr on September 11th, 2009

    hardcore, i’m excited

  2. chrism on September 11th, 2009

    that was neat.

  3. chrisf on September 11th, 2009

    can’t wait.

  4. Allen on September 11th, 2009

    That was an awesome trailer. Nice music as well.

  5. David on September 11th, 2009

    This… is… going… to… be… awesome…

  6. Josh on September 11th, 2009

    :O I’m that random guy that bugged you in the maths computer labs a month or two ago (sorry about that btw) – got to say though, this really has come a long way since the demo I played back then! Looking really excellent.

  7. Josh on September 11th, 2009

    And that was supposed to be a gasp smiley, weird.

  8. ChevyRay on September 12th, 2009

    Amazing video! Well done, Terry! 😀

  9. jw on September 12th, 2009

    this is awesome

  10. PC on September 12th, 2009

    Hi from the holidays- Talk soon.

  11. Richard on September 13th, 2009

    That’s looks awesome! Can hardly wait. 🙂

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  13. Some guy you don't know on September 14th, 2009

    If this is anywhere near as good as it looks, I won’t be disappointed. I love challenging games based on simple concepts.

  14. UltimateWalrus on September 14th, 2009

    That looks really good! I’m really looking forward to playing it. I love the game’s style — stuff like giving each of the screens its own title is a nice touch, I think.

  15. Gaming World – VVVVVVideo on September 15th, 2009

    […] by Terry Cavanagh, found on distractionware, and coming soon. More info in a few weeks. Share!Subscribe via RSS! var post_id = 358; &copy 2001-2009 by […]

  16. Josiah Tobin on September 15th, 2009

    Looks classic (and classy) 🙂


  17. Al on September 15th, 2009

    Wow, this looks like a lot of fun. I love games like this. Will there be a quick restart after you die? It looks like it’ll happen a lot. 🙂

  18. Someone on September 15th, 2009

    Oh My God that looks so awesome!!!

  19. Michael on September 16th, 2009

    Looks like it has lots of style.

  20. Johan on September 17th, 2009

    This looks like it will be a very fun and challenging game. I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished. I like the music as well.

  21. Anonymous on September 21st, 2009

    I REALLY CANT WAIT! This looks very exiting!

  22. Stephen on September 22nd, 2009

    Will we really be seeing this any day now, or must I remain on the edge of my seat a while longer?

  23. Terry on September 22nd, 2009

    Yikes, it’s later in the month than I thought – it’s gonna be a little while longer… I should probably stop making deadline estimates 🙁

  24. Stephen on September 22nd, 2009

    Heh, that’s cool. It shows you’re still exited about the project. I’m glad you’re not rushing the work at the end!

  25. jess'ka on September 25th, 2009

    I just beat Don’t Look Back, and I want to tell you that it was a very fun and interesting game. I particularly like how your character doesn’t have to repeat a rookm after they clear it, ’cause some of those rooms were very difficult. I will be playing more of your games in the future, so just thank you for existing! 😀

  26. Charlie on September 26th, 2009

    When already 😉


  27. Terry on September 27th, 2009

    As soon as I can! I’m making a big push next week now that the library I work out of has gone back to normal college hours!

  28. skyboss on October 28th, 2009


  29. Phalsh on October 31st, 2009

    Played this today at eurogamer. i was one of the two that took it upon ourselves to complete the hardest level. and thanks for the tip aswell 😉 this game really is amazing. it’s one of those “I just HAVE to do it!” games as you could probably tell from our sailor language haha. keep up the good work and please put that checkpoint in the final room 😛 can’t wait to play on here thumbs up!

  30. Anonymous on November 21st, 2009

    I love your games, but good Lord are they difficult! This one looks fantastic, very intriguing gameplay!

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