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By Terry Jan 10, 2010

Just a quick update regarding the VVVVVV launch, which is happening TODAY:

I’m having some technical issues with the Linux port of the game, and unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to be ready tonight. So, I’m going to go ahead with just the Windows and Mac versions for the moment, and hopefully resolve problems with the Linux version later in the week. Sorry about this. I was really hoping to launch all three versions together.

If you have any experience with making standalone flash applications in linux, please get in touch!

58 thoughts on “Conundrum”
  1. Oh man, this game rocks a lot.
    BTW, I didn’t understand the thing with the “unlock” menu. I’ve selected all the options and them remained grey. What means that?

  2. Haha, couldn’t wait until later in the day to get it downloaded. I’m mid process of it just now, so it’s all nice and setup for when I get home from work. Awesome times!

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