VVVVVV is complete. You can now get it from its website https://thelettervsixtim.es/!

I apologise for how last minute this all was! I’ve just sent out the preorders to anyone who donated. If for any reason you haven’t gotten that, get in touch and I’ll sort you out.

I’ve just been told that the emails might have been marked as spam, since it got sent out to quite a few people. Be sure to check your spam filter, just in case!

I’d just like to remind you that if you like the soundtrack, Souleye is selling that separately on his own site here: https://www.souleye.se/

Want to talk about the game here? I recently added a forum!

Thanks for all the support and encouragement over the last few months. I hope you enjoy the game!

188 thoughts on “Level Complete!”
  1. This really needs a release on the xbox live market place. not only would I buy it then but it would attract quite a lot more attention resulting in more money for you 🙂
    im not sure if would be possible to put it on xbox indie games but if it is i would be very happy.
    BTW I found that you can download this off several sites. not gonna tell you the links here in case other people follow it and download it illegally but I would definitely check those sites out and put a stop to it. once again, great game.

  2. Thanks it’s really awesome!! Sometimes hard and always fun! Would be great in the near future to see vvvvvv 2 ))

  3. Bought it, played it, loved it.

    This should have been on the C64 when I was a kid!!!

    Started on XP on VMware on Ubuntu on a 4-year-old laptop. Was slow and unresponsive, but still managed to play a bit (soundtrack still rocked). Couldn’t get it to run in Wine.

    Bought a new Pentium i5-430 laptop. Dang thing runs so fast I can hardly keep up. Cannot pass Veni, Vidi, Vici! Arrrgh! But will not give up!

    Cannot stop playing! Too addictive!

  4. Terry, I’d just like to commend you on this wonderfully fantastic game, which has single-handedly (along with the many hands of the Humble Indie Bundle) inspired me to get back into game programming after a few years drought. Thank you, good sir.

    Also, Souleye – your soundtrack is a revelation.

  5. dude this game is awesome, but $15 to play the full game? c’mon, there are millions of other flash games out there that are half as good as your game and free, why would I want to pay that much when I can get distracted for free for only 30 seconds more of google searching. you can definitely make money with this game, but sell it to a big flash game site or put it on xbox live/android/iphone, but not for 15 bucks. I can get a cheap 360 game for that.

  6. I just played the trial version, and must say it’s a hell of game-design masterpiece! Some rooms blew my mind, and there’s no such fun as challenge. Thanks a bunch, Terry!

  7. Picked this game up off of steam. Great job. I was very impressed with the thought that was went into design in respect to the gravity-flip mechanic. I am glad I picked it up while steam had it for $5, because I sure would’ve passed this gem up otherwise.

  8. Just got this game off Steam too, refreshing game.
    The 5$ price point along with the trailer(Positive Force <3) really sold it for me.
    I think its a great move lowering the price from 15$ to 5$. Hope you build up that little fanbase you deserve and we get more games from you. I'll be waiting for them 😉

  9. Congratulations on getting this game added to Steam! Very well done! I remember playing this half a year ago when it was still the very early stages. I’ll have to buy this!

  10. Awesome game! I only checked it out when it came to Steam. When I saw it for the first time I thought: “Nice game! Must play it”. On the beggining it wasn’t very cool. But then my opinion changed. And when I showed it to my friends, they lol’d. And now, the are adycted, just like me. Great game Terry!

  11. The was a masterful game. It has such a timeless patina on it. I love the flip mechanic. My favorite part was the music. I would expect this to come out of a major developing company. The fact that you did this is truly remarkable. Keep up the good work.

  12. Probably the best game of 2010 and the most genuine I’ve played in ages. I’d very much like to se a sequel. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you!

  13. OK, when I played this game the first time I felt hate and I was very angry on several positions in the game… But when I finished the game I played it again…and again..and again. NOw VVVVVV is my favorite game. I guess at least for the next 2-4 weeks until I´m the “Master of the universe”^^

    Greez Chris and go on *Thumbs up*

  14. Game time: 2:13:58
    Total flips: 3377
    Total deaths: 1027
    Hardest room – with 94 deaths

    Snx for this game!
    # waiting vor second part of VVVVVV 🙂

  15. I order VVVVVV and beat the game during v12, and I don’t want to purchase it again because my computer was swiped. Help?

  16. Dear Terry,
    Can I localize VVVVVV into Russian?
    The game is on the Russian Wikipedia Indie Games page, and its popularity may increase with the Russian version. What do you think?
    Thank you for the game!

  17. […] VVVVVV es como abrir un portal en el tiempo y llegar a la época de los viejos juegos arcade, donde desde el primer momento se le exigía al jugador ponerse serio y nunca perder la concentración. Terry Canavagh creador de juegos como Don’t Look Back o Bullfist, plasmo aquí su opera prima y paso de ser un creador indie que distribuía juegos gratuitos, a poder vender con relativa facilidad su juego a todo tipo de jugadores. […]

  18. I got this for my Nintendo 3DS off the eStore. It’s so…so awesome. Awesomeness incarnate. Wonderfully designed, awesome music. I’m so happy to find that the developer (you) has all this other work for me to look into and enjoy.

  19. I love games of this style! Simple graphics but fun game play! Thanks for you great work! Looking forward to your next game!

    But the no death mode is not suitable for human… Can anyone complete this mode ever???

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