8 thoughts on “CB Squared”
  1. Q: Am supposed to walk around on the outside of the rooms?
    If not, I’m afraid I can’t think of any other way.
    So dizzy…

  2. I spent so long trying to get out of the fourth room. So very long. I fell back out the entrance a half-dozen times as well. Then I finally did…

    Congratulations Terry, for me, you’ve successfully recreated the frustration of being unable to work an idea out in your head. Is that near what you were going for?

  3. I had to stop in the 4th room. I was getting too many flashbacks to certain student parties and my epic quest to reach the toilet…

    “Hey, that’s nice. The pleasing sensation of woodchip wallpaper running through my fingertips. I wounder why it’s doi.. *thud*”

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