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  1. Wow, dem shading errors man, haha. Also, I have no idea how to accomplish anything in this. I like the trees though.

  2. I… I think I finished it, but I have no idea what happened.

    I followed a path, grabbed a red ball, ignored a small boy and returned home, suddenly I was outside but it was dark and yellow (like indoors was before), so I followed some beeping sounds until I reached a path-stone and then it said “click to begin.”

    If I try NOT ignoring the small boy, I am told not to get too close to him.

    I can’t make heads or tails of this. I have a lot of love for the graphics, not so much for the sound effects.

  3. What might be confusing things there is that (a) you have a set amount of stamina which eventually runs out and (b) you switch between the two characters in the game once you collect the object, and again when you get back to the house.

  4. Strange. Especially confusing if you’re wandering around in the snow randomly without knowing you’re supposed to follow the stepping-stones… strange ending as well. “You’re not my son…” So, I’m a different character–still a weird ending. Interested me enough to finish it though.

  5. […] Snowdrift is filled with simple, flat-shaded rendering. You walk with WASD or arrow keys, and aim with the mouse. There’s a haze over everything — either from the snow and fog or, later, from the darkness — and unless you spend your time memorizing scant landmarks you’re never quite sure what’s over the next hill. Given that it’s cold out there, and the world seems more or less endless, that could be a problem. Sure, you can explore as far as you like. But how do you find your way back? […]

  6. Err… when I get the red ball I take it back to the house and then I switch to being in the middle of nowhere in the dark with yellow snow. So what do I do then? I only see one paving stone thing. And then the bleeping gets more frequent and I die and there’s white out. What?

  7. I fear you’ve wandered into some of my more bizarre games, Alex 🙂

    There are two characters in the game, and you switch between them. What you do with one character affects another.

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