18 thoughts on “Vegetable Game”
  1. I like how the gameplay is essentially the same as a violent game, but the theme is completely different.

    And how once you learn to forgive John Wayne Gacy, forgiving Stalin and Hitler is dead simple.

  2. I am so glad you decided to finish this project. This is definitely my favorite thing to come out of this recent series of jams.

  3. I was actually able to beat Stalin. Amazing. And John Wayne Gacy was easy once it became apparent how to beat him.
    I loved Hitler’s “auto-kill salute to the face thing”.
    I noticed a breaker though. There is no limit to the amount of grabs that can be done in quick succession. This thereby means that once I grab someone, if I quickly press hug, very rapidly, I can continue to keep them there, locked in place by my might fast hugging arms.

  4. I like how winning is only worth 1 “congradulation” instead of multiple “congradulations”


    Vegetable Game is hilarious. I finally realized why it seemed so familiar – one of the first graphical games I ever wrote was a 2D fighter, also featuring crudely-drawn pixel versions of famous people, each with 2 frames of fight animation, each in front of a laughable static backdrop. However, every one of my enemies used the same fight AI 🙁

    1000, sir.

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