TIGSource’s Game by it’s cover contest has come to an end! I’ve nothing finished myself for the deadline. I took a screenshot of how the game currently looks, though! I’m really quite excited about the direction it’s going in, so I’ll probably keep working on it for a while.

I’m just back from Berlin Indie Game JAM – this year I decided to take it a bit easier than last year, and mostly worked on developing my RPG engine for this week’s RPGDX challenge. I did finish one little jam game, though, a silly 3-hour collaboration with Chrisjan called Wamlevraw. For the theme Warvelmaw.

Current focus: my RPGDX game! Should have something to post about that before the end of the week.

11 thoughts on “Myosotis”
  1. The quality of the entries for TIGSource’s Game by it’s Cover, was really high this time around.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing the Alternate History Challenge entries but with a just a week it’s an ambitious challenge!

  2. I had no idea warvelmaw was playable until someone told me to press space. felt like a bit of derp there for a minute.

    it was actually pretty cool

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