9 thoughts on “The Infinite Ocean Awaits”
  1. Wow. I just took a good hour and a half and played through that, and usually I don’t have that sort of interest in point-and-click games. But obviously what grabbed me here wasn’t the puzzling but the story. It was fascinating. I’d have more to say about it but I don’t really have the words at the moment. Thanks for linking to this! I’m doubly interested in Nexus City now, as suddenly I’m a big fan of the work of both authors!

  2. (I say an hour and a half, but it appears it was closer to a full two hours! I didn’t expect it to be as much of an in-depth experience as it was!)

  3. I’m surprised I didn’t hear of the original. I’m a huge fan of art games (and check the blogs of many different developers), and I’m been keeping track of Nexus City.

    It really is an amazing game. At first, when I realized how big it was, I thought I didn’t have time to play it at the moment, but I completely forgot about that as I played it. I got only 6 hours of sleep that night, but it was definitely worth it.

  4. Just wanted to echo Stephen’s sentiments — this game is massively engaging, and having just played it through I’m almost speechless. The material is so well put together, the way it’s presented makes you stop and consider carefully the ideas as you explore them. Games with a slower pace are not my usual cup of tea, but this one is more… contemplative. The music and visuals fit the game perfectly, and the mechanics provide a good change of pace from pure exploration, without getting in the way as some puzzles do. I know many people who will love to play this, those that like to question and being challenged with new philosophical ideas. Congrats on creating something truly great!

    Oh and being a fan of Terry for quite some time, I’m really looking forward to Nexus City as a collaboration between 2 very talented individuals; go team! 🙂

  5. The most provocative game I’ve ever played. I completed it twenty minutes ago (just before 4am – it was that gripping to keep me up so late) but couldn’t stop thinking about it so here I am telling you how brilliant it is.

    I usually find it really hard to consider issues proposed by art, but this game was so compelling – I think having the music on loop for the hour and a half also really plays with your mind and has you haunted by the words of SGDS and the SGDS sympathisers.

    There is no way I’m going to miss Nexus City. I think you and Jonas might be my favourite developers around currently. Keep up the great work, the pair of you.

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