Didn’t do a whole lot of work on Nexus City this week; I’ve mostly been busy finishing up a small project I worked on at last weekend’s Everybody Draw Game Jam. Hopefully that’ll finally be finished by the end of this week!

Following on from suggestions last week, though, I doubled the basic resolution of the game so I could use a larger font, and free up the textboxes so that they appeared beside the character that’s speaking. This is a WIP screenshot – I don’t really know what the textboxes are going to look like yet – but I think the concept is basically working!

The big advantage of doing textboxes this way is that it makes cutscene choreography a hell of a lot easier for me – i.e. it’s now always clear who’s talking, which up to now has been a real problem (which I mostly solved by having people constantly turning or stepping forward, Final Fantasy VI style).

5 thoughts on “Nexus City Fridays, 10th Dec”
  1. Changing the game’s resolution has actually more or less undone what I’d already done on the battle stuff visually, so I’m going to have to redo all that! It’s a big part of the game, though.

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