Just a really quick one today – Cactus Block is a very clever and incredibly simple game made in 2 hours for Klik of the Month. It’s a tiny platformer where you progress by placing blocks for yourself with the mouse. However, randomly, sometimes these blocks are deadly cactuses.

Cactus Block is free, and available for windows at Glorious Trainwrecks. (Press F4 for fullscreen mode.)

9 thoughts on “Games of 2010: Cactus Block”
  1. Really good this one, Terry. Could you extend it a bit? Make it a huge labyrinthine beast? If you made it really big I think everyone that bought ‘VVVVVV’ would pay for this as well.

  2. Though, as it’s relevant here, it is worth pointing out that VVVVVV started out as a two hour KOTM game too! Alex A definitely has a point that there’s room for exploration here.

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