Sorry I haven’t updated much lately, I’ve been incredibly busy this year. Here’s a quick update on what’s been going on:

Games of 2010 writeups:

So much for that whole writeup thing – there’s a lot I wanted to say about the games I really enjoyed last year, but I always forget just how time consuming it is for me to write up blog posts like that. I’m probably just going to make one more post with the full list of 30 games. There’s only really one game left that I wanted to do a proper write up of anyway, which I was planning to leave till last.

Nexus City

Nexus City is going really well – the game’s engine is now more or less finished, the first area of the game is playable (minus battles) – it’s really starting to come together. Sadly though, I’ve had to put it on hold for a little while. It’s not easy to step away from a project that was just starting to pick up momentum, but I’ve got other games to make with deadlines approaching (more about that in a sec), and unfortunately I just don’t have time to do everything 🙁

Thankfully Jonas also has lots of other things to keep him busy right now, so it’s not a huge deal for us both to take a break from this for a while.

We’ve talked a little about maybe making some sort of short MiniRPG set in this world as a prequel; it would just be a 20 minute short story or something like that, rather than the huge RPG experience that Nexus City has become. This would be in addition to making Nexus City, of course.

I just really can’t wait to share this world with everyone! Finishing Nexus City (or whatever we end up calling it) is my main priority for this year.

Super Top Secret Game

My actual current project right now is something I haven’t posted about yet, and can’t post about for another little while because I’m making it for an event. This is the game I’m currently spending all my time on. I’m really excited about it too – as soon as I can talk about it, I will!

Dancing RPG

So the other game I worked on at TIGJam was an RPG with Jasper Byrne – it’s a game about challenging people to dance offs, and learning what it really means to be a dancer. There’s quite a lot here already, but it’s far from finished – with everything that’s going on right now I dunno when we’re going to get around to being able to finish it. Hopefully things will slow down for both of us in a while and we can set aside a week or so to make it happen.

Other Games:

Somewhere along the way I spent a bit of time working on a few other games as well. The one in the screenshot above is another game I’m really excited about making, but right now I dunno where I’m gonna find the time to work on it. It’s actually hugely frustrating to have so many things I want to work on and not being able to.

As well as this, there’s the shooter from last year, another little game I worked on at the jam, and at some point this year I wanna revisit Big Hero.


I’m heading to the IGF in a couple of weeks! Last year was incredible, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to San Francisco for another week. Haven’t really planned anything in particular this time, but I’ll be at the summit and some of the parties, and probably jamming at noisebridge for a bit too.

12 thoughts on “Catching up”
  1. Does the “Super Top Secret” game has something to do with Apple ? (You know, that picture made me think…)

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you next game will be. I’m a big VVVVVV fan! =)

  2. Terry, your Hero Core review was awesome! (Reference to comment above.)

    Super Top Secret Game will hopefully be super awesome. I feel like asking you a question about it, but I can’t think of any that you’d be able to answer, so I’ll wait and see how it turns out.

    Oh, and I can’t wait for Nexus City! It’s hard to come across a good SNES-style independent RPG these days, and I’m sure you of all people can pull it off!

    Are there any other SNES-style independent RPGs you’d recommend, though?

  3. What are the five games pictured at the start of the entry?

    P.S. I’m really looking forward to Nexus City.

  4. They’re Super Meat Boy, The Sense of Connectedness, Norrland, Air Pressure, and Beautiful Escape. Which reminds me, I should really post that list!

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