7 thoughts on “Coming soon: PPPPPPowerup!”
  1. This should’ve been FFFFFFree since the game was such a RRRRRRipoff with 80% of the maps being DDDDDDead SSSSSSpace.

  2. Yeah, I’m not gonna do the RRRRRRepeating thing.

    I bought the album but son am I disappoint.

    My favourite song song from the original album was popular potpurri but there was no remix of that on the new album. Or did I miss it?

    I just don’t see why not… It’s awesome.

  3. Hey Dave!

    While Popular Potpurri has some things unique to it, it is a medley of the other songs. I gave the artists free choice in what tune to remix, and nobody chose that one, sadly. They wanted the standalone ones, I guess.

    If overall you’re not happy with your purchase, I’ll be happy to refund you. Just mail me with the transaction ID.


  4. Magnus! Wow, tack fÁ¶r att du svarade pÁ¥ min kommentar.

    Nej! VÁ¤rd varenda krona. Tycker det Á¤r ett riktigt bra remix-album, blev bara lite ledsen att inte Potpurrin var dÁ¤r.

    Men fÁ¶rstÁ¥r vad du menar. Tycker bara att den Á¤r sÁ¥ “glad” jÁ¤mfÁ¶rt med de andra lÁ¥tarna vilket skapar en bra kontrast. Á„sch, jag har ingen aning vad jag pratar om :P.

    Tycker verkligen om pianoversionerna av lÁ¥tarna! Antar att det inte finns noter fÁ¶r dem?

    Tack igen fÁ¶r ditt svar ^^

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