So hey; here’s a little thing I randomly came across again today while looking for a snippet of code: You guys have heard of Super Meat Boy, right? It was one of my favourite games of last year! Well, if you’ve played it, you might have seen this screen:

…or maybe you haven’t, actually, since it’s from one of the harder warp zones to find; buried away in a Dark World level that you need to reach with a special character! Anyway, Edmund asked a lot of different indie game designers to draw warp zone title screens, including me! His instructions were pretty simple – draw the title screen you’d make for Super Meat Boy if it was your game.

Thing is, I don’t really work that way – in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually “drawn” a title screen. After several attempts I didn’t like and scrapped, I figured it would just be easier for me to make a little Super Meat Boy fan game in my own style, and make something around that.

So, that warp zone title screen is actually a screenshot from the little game I ended up making. It’s only actually a couple of screens long and very broken, but when I came across it again today I figured it was worth sharing, for fun! [You can play it here]

[edit] To clarify, given some comments on reddit and elsewhere: this was thrown together in a couple of hours. It was just part of my process for coming up with the warp zone title screen for Super Meat Boy, and I decided to post it not because I think it’s good or even worth playing, but because I figured some people might find it interesting!

29 thoughts on “My Super Meat Boy”
  1. Beautiful fan piece! It’s amazing, it controls very similarly to the real thing, but you can feel the difference in control between different developers! Kudos, Terry!

  2. I haven’t played the original Super Meat Boy yet but your game is pretty hard. And it has a VVVVVV-feeling too.

  3. I read it was incomplete like 45 minutes later. I could not get past the daredevil screen, didn’t know what to do. Awesome game!

  4. Is there an ending to this fan game? I got up to a red screen that was just a wall with a ceiling on it, and jumped over from that and ended up back at the start!

    Either way, it was a fun waste of fifteen minutes.

  5. I’m tired of bad games getting good comments. This version of Super Meat boy is unplayable. The character moves way too fast, and the jump button only works half the time.

    Try again.

  6. Hey !

    good job here ! I actually am in the process of learning how to code games (animations and collisions and all this stuff)

    Is there any chance this becomes open source or to get to code somewhere ?

    Thanks !

  7. I had a lot of fun with it. Didn’t see any “broken” aspects. Fun jumping physics, very similar to the real game, as others have said. The blood trail & sound effects were nice touches. Had fun with the screens actually – too bad there was no ending!

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