Rescuing Violet” by Stalefish is a very well made level – it’s not too hard (though some of the trinkets are a bit tricky), it’s got some imaginative challenges (I really liked the room “Frogger” in particular), and it pays a lot of attention to little details. Also, it does that cool thing I’ve seen few times now of using the Room Text tool to place rooms names in the room itself.

If I’m honest, though, the main reason I like it is that the motivating idea behind the level seems to have been exploiting an interesting bug in VVVVVV! The forum thread boasts “coloured text” as one of the features, something it isn’t actually possible to do in the current version. So how did he manage it? Turns out, he discovered a rather clever exploit to run internal VVVVVV scripts using say/reply commands longer than five lines! Neat! 🙂

(forum thread)

To play a VVVVVV player level, extract the .vvvvvv file into your VVVVVV levels folder. On windows, that should be in My Documents/VVVVVV, on Mac it’s Documents/VVVVVV, on Linux it’s ~/.vvvvvv

4 thoughts on “Featured VVVVVV Level: “Rescuing Violet” by Stalefish”
  1. Excellent level… Beyond the coloured text exploit, it really is a fun and good looking, polished level. I wish more levels were like this!

  2. An easy and very fun level
    Love to see more of these, I’m out of VVVVVV levels to play; does anyone have a good resource for them?

  3. I found this pretty spectacular, essentially like I was just playing a small extension of the original game, with some creative new ideas. Trinkets weren’t “easy” but they weren’t quite ruthless either, it was an enjoyable half an hour!

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