Featured VVVVVV level: “Quantum Tunnel” by Martze

Quantum Tunnel” is a new level by Martze, creator of the previously featured level “Soul Searching“. While that level briefly touched on a room duality idea, this level explores the idea in much, much more detail, using a long 20×2 sized world to combine warp lines and world wrapping in a very clever way.

This is the sort of VVVVVV level I really love to see – succinctly designed, light hearted and imaginative, more interested in exploring cool ideas than presenting you with difficult challenges. Highly recommended.

Download: quantumtunnel.zip
(forum thread)

To play a VVVVVV player level, extract the .vvvvvv file into your VVVVVV levels folder. On windows, that should be in My Documents/VVVVVV, on Mac it’s Documents/VVVVVV, on Linux it’s ~/.vvvvvv


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  1. gnome on September 29th, 2011

    (sneaks in)

    (admires new level)

    (subtly reminds Terry of a need for further tutorials)


  2. Terry on September 29th, 2011

    That wasn’t subtle at all! 😀

    (I’m crunching with At a Distance at the moment; in a few weeks I should be able to focus a bit on remaining VVVVVV stuff)

  3. Peevish on September 29th, 2011

    Sure it was! Didn’t you see the parentheses?

  4. gnome on September 30th, 2011

    (subtly rejoices)

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  8. Mario&Luigi VS. Koopa on December 19th, 2015

    Terry, Why can’t you just let me download VVVVVV for free? And also, I haven’t seen the prototype, VVVVVVVV, in a while.

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