18 thoughts on “Oíche Mhaith”
  1. That was an incredibly sad little game. Well made, and intriguing as well. But very sad.

    I’m glad I got the chance to play it, but I am not happy about it.

  2. You two live together? Wondering what that’s like, and it’s occurring to me that for the first time in my life I understand the appeal of celebrity gossip – terrifying.

  3. Also, ya did a good enough job getting your message/twist across during the game that blatantly stating it during the epilogue just felt redundant.

  4. Wow,does this sort of thing happen everywhere?

    Anyway, this game is awesome. VERY Deep. I have empathy for whoever has lived this life. Its the sort of things you read about in the papers in the USA all the time, where stuff’s wrong in the family and a family member wipes everyone out (usually the Dad who’s given up on life…takes care of things as everyone sleeps… I dare not mention how…. ugh…). I absolutely detest reading about such sad events and hope this game serves as a wake up call, or warning to the kids to keep an eye out for their crazy parent(s) (if such is the case). Maybe there needs to be more games with such a message in this messed up world – messed up societies…

    Anyway, I have to admit, when the mother gave the girl a hug… I was brought to tears…. I’m a grown man!!! Why’d you do that to me??? lol

    Through tears I kept plowing through to the end of the game… I usually only get that way during a sad part of a movie (wife and kid think I’m nuts). My son caught me at the computer, while I was in this game – a total wreck! He’s only 7, so I didn’t want to lay it all out there for him, except to say it was a sad story.

    The world is full of very sad stories though, and they should be told. And I’m glad you guys told this one, but hope you didn’t live it. I have great hope that something extremely positive will come out of the telling of the story this game conveys – there *are* people who have a heart.

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