That’s that then

Changed my mind, it’s scrapped now.

Actually, scrapped isn’t quite right. I realised this evening that the ideas in this that I actually like fit better in

than they do here. So, I’m gutting this and reimplementing those ideas in that.


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  1. Fin C on December 1st, 2011

    Reminds me of Citadel for the BBC Micro.

  2. oats94 on December 2nd, 2011

    Gee id love to take on the game it looks great! so if your gutting the whole game ill take it off your hands

  3. oats94 on December 3rd, 2011

    When is the game comming out?

  4. Yog Sothoth on December 3rd, 2011

    Please reconsider gutting this game, it looks great – and I’d love to play it even if it’s incomplete!

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