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  1. That sure was unexpectedly adorable. This has been the very first time I actually enjoyed myself around an MMO.

    Also, meow. :3

  2. so you look around for mice and bring them back to the house for points? is there any other mechanics or goals here? just wondering.

  3. doesn’t work, i have a kongregate account, but when i try to play it says: connection to the server. And then it says: Connection error. Any solution?

  4. It was like a MMORPG but without any point. I must second the claim that in this case it makes for a more fun game.

    It’s about communicating without being straightforward, and to do stuff with no meaningful end in sight. In short, very much like being a cat. Or a gamer, I guess.

  5. Any chance of this being ported to say an online service like Steam? I know it’s a web game but most of my friends play via Steam and trying to get them to setup a Kongregate account, well, let’s just say it went over like a fart in an elevator and leave it at that. -_-

  6. Thought the game was pretty pointless at first, but it actually really shows its personality when you play with other people who know what they are doing. Played a short game of tag cat-dog style that was surprisingly fun. I think the game has a lot of potential if you expand the content, but it would be okay as is too.

  7. I’ve played for a few hours and had more fun than anticipated. With the right people, some really nice game dynamics can emerge.. like an extended game of catch or a 9-cat party in the tree 🙂

    There’s still a glitch though: If a cat gets turned into a dog while in the process of moving on the treestump, the dog gets stuck there – and there’s nothing the player can do except quit the game.

  8. The game has already been hacked as well. There are a couple script kiddies who destroy levels and mess with the game (randomly become a dog, play music outside etc.)

  9. i like this a lot. i’d like to see the people messing it up and what they are doing.

    my cat plays this in real life but with squirrels on my doorstep instead of mice.


  10. There are two secret rooms I could find. One is the dog altar you can reach from the alley and one is the music room you can reach from the twisty cavern. Anyone know of any others?

  11. Hey! I found out HOW and WHERE to be a dog, BUT you need a mouse. (: You need to go to the EAST SIDE OF THE ALLEY. There, in the far back, is a GARBAGE CAN BY THE WALL. Go UP ^ From that. You will enter THE DOG ALTER. Go IN FRONT OF THE DOG STATUE, and you will DROP THE MOUSE, turning into a dog.

  12. To be a dog…
    Find a mouse and go to the East side of the Alley. There should be a wall on the right side that has dots on it. You can walk on that. Keep walking forwards and then you will drop the mouse becoming a Dog.
    To be a cat…
    Drop a mouse at the house on the doormat.

  13. Description: A game about being a cat.
    Instructions: Be a cat.

    This is why it is a great game. It’s simple.
    Playing it with friends you already know from elsewhere is fun for hours, and there was never a point, so you don’t feel like you were “wasting time” – you were just having fun with your friends.

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