My ASCII thing is starting to feel more and more like a roguelike. (I’ve never played Rogue. What’s it like?)

9 thoughts on “Nearly finished, probably”
  1. I think it’s some unwritten law that games written in ASCII inevitably become more and more like roguelikes the more they’re developed.

    Something about developers going “oh, well if I don’t have to worry about graphics, I can add THIS, and THIS, and THIS,” then before you know it?

    Bam. You’re on the floor, vomiting out snakeman acid you got from licking a dragon tumor as a group of half-kobolds-half-ogres scurry around stabbing your procedurally-generated naughty bits

  2. Haha, sounds about right.

    For example, in this game, I just had a tiger smash through a wall and destroy a game critical object I wasn’t aware it was even possible to destroy…

  3. I believe HACK is the roguelike MMORPG you’re looking for, made back in the day.

    As for Rogue itself, it’s a brutally hard dungeon hack with no save function, inspired by early D&D, and has been the inspiration for many RPGs after it, ranging from Ultima to Diablo.

    But why don’t you find out for yourself? Here’s a link to a guy who recompiled the game to work on windows:

  4. I’ll take a look at HACK, thanks, Josh…

    I am under the impression the bit “I never played rogur, what is it like” is a play of words 😉

    In any case, just to state this, my favorite roguelike is Slash’EM!

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