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Time for another quick update, I think.

I’m still working on Selma’s Story. Actually, I’ve finally gotten it to the point where there’s some real stuff to do in it. There are now about a dozen or so real battles in the game, with real numbers – it’s only a fraction of the ideas I’m planning to explore, but it’s enough to prove to myself that there really is something here, with this system. I’m really excited about where it’s going – already it’s a lot of fun, and I haven’t even gotten to the intricate details yet.

It’s shaping up to be a surprisingly big game too. It currently takes about 45 minutes to play through the prototype – already quite a lot longer than the 10-15 minute RPG short story I originally envisioned this side project being… That’s a little scary, but this game is going to be what it’s going to be. So be it.

Jonas is currently finishing up a big adventure game he’s been working on called The Sea Will Claim Everything, and I’m heading home to Ireland for a few weeks, so I’m taking a little break from this game for a little while. I was thinking the next two weeks might be a good time to finish one of those small side things I’ve talked about – before Selma takes over completely…


Wanted: New editor for

I didn’t really know what picture to use for this blog post, so here’s some kittens in cups.

So, is going pretty well! We want to make sure we can keep it running long term, because we all feel it’s an important project. Currently, the site has just three editors – myself, Increpare, and Aquin. We’re looking to take on another editor – ideally, someone who has a similar idea about what constitutes an “interesting game” as the other editors on the site!

Here are some details about how we operate the site:

– We run the site in shifts, to minimise the time involved for everyone. The idea is that you take responsibility for the site for three days at a time, then pass it along to the next editor (so that you get an 9 day break from having to worry about updating it).

– We try to post at least two games a day, and more after competitions like Ludum Dare. We’re mostly focused on posting new stuff as it’s released, but posting older games you like from time to time is fine. We keep a list of blogs and forums that we regularly check for new releases.

– We’re not a review site – we don’t write anything at all about the games we post. All that’s required is that you find something interesting, and share it with our readers by posting a screenshot and a copy pasted description.

– We all have biases, and that’s reflected in the sort of games that we post. So we’re particularly interested in finding an editor that covers our blind spots – do you play a lot of adventure games? Visual novels? Interactive Fiction? Then we’re particularly interested in hearing from you!

– As a rule, we don’t post our own games on the site.

– There’s no money involved, and there never will be. This is a volunteer sort of thing. There are no ads on the site, or anything like that.

If you’re interested in helping out, or even if you just want to know more, then get in touch 🙂 Thanks!

EDIT: We have since found our new editor. Thank you!


Selma’s Story

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Hello everypony! I guess it’s been pretty quiet around here recently. Time for a quick update on what I’ve been working on!

A couple of weeks ago, I put all my side projects on hold to focus completely on the Nexus City spinoff game (which, for the sake of clarity, is hereafter referred to on this blog as “Selma’s Story”). It’s going very slowly, but I am, finally, starting to make some progress with it.

I’ve spent the last few weeks working purely on the game’s battle system – I’m basically trying to make a prototype version of the game which is just a sequence of battles one after another, at which point I hope to get Jonas involved to work the existing script around it.

The main reason I haven’t been posting about it is that I’ve got nothing to *show* – as in, I’ve got no screenshots to post. I’m trying to keep the system as pure as possible right now, so I’m doing it without any graphical distractions whatsoever – it’s all text!

As for the battle system itself, I’m really excited about it – it’s very pure, very simple, and seems to exhibit a surprising depth. Can’t wait to share it 🙂