9 thoughts on “Free Indie Games, one month in”
  1. 90 articles in a month. Even with three people working on it that is impressive.

    You are providing a valuable service to the Indie Gaming Community, good sir.

  2. Amazing!

    Yes, I really appreciate freeindiegam.es. I’ve been exposed to a lot that I otherwise would never have known about.

    Thank you!

  3. A truly fantastic blog. Also, would you mind dropping me a line dear Terry? Oh, and shhhhh… (how fares the third VVVVVV editor tutorial?)

  4. Really enjoying that site. It’s a lot of stuff that I would not be exposed to otherwise, despite the unhealthy number of video game blogs I follow.

  5. The site’s a great resource. It’s great whether I just want to go somewhere that will show me some quick free games, or find something not featured anywhere else. You guys do seem to have a knack for finding great games before anyone else.

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