Selma’s Story

Hello everypony! I guess it’s been pretty quiet around here recently. Time for a quick update on what I’ve been working on!

A couple of weeks ago, I put all my side projects on hold to focus completely on the Nexus City spinoff game (which, for the sake of clarity, is hereafter referred to on this blog as “Selma’s Story”). It’s going very slowly, but I am, finally, starting to make some progress with it.

I’ve spent the last few weeks working purely on the game’s battle system – I’m basically trying to make a prototype version of the game which is just a sequence of battles one after another, at which point I hope to get Jonas involved to work the existing script around it.

The main reason I haven’t been posting about it is that I’ve got nothing to *show* – as in, I’ve got no screenshots to post. I’m trying to keep the system as pure as possible right now, so I’m doing it without any graphical distractions whatsoever – it’s all text!

As for the battle system itself, I’m really excited about it – it’s very pure, very simple, and seems to exhibit a surprising depth. Can’t wait to share it 🙂


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  1. Spoonman on April 11th, 2012


    Yes! Welcome to the pony side.

  2. Kieran on April 12th, 2012

    Welcome to the herd! Sorry if you’re often asked this, but when can we expect a release of Nexus City? I’ve been pretty psyched for it ever since you announced it. I like the current breadth of your focus, though!

  3. Brownd on April 12th, 2012

    I thought I already loved you enough, but if you really are a brony… DUDE!!!

    Oh, and good luck with your project!

  4. anon on April 12th, 2012

    You’ve turned into a horsefucker?

    God damn it. That doesn’t take away from your ability as a game designer, but it makes it a whole lot harder to respect you as a human being.

  5. Terry on April 12th, 2012

    Guys, all I said was “everypony”, don’t freak out :O

    I saw one episode of My Little Pony the other night, I thought it was ok

  6. Jamie o Flanagan on April 12th, 2012

    Ha ha classic

  7. kollatt on April 12th, 2012

    no worries. we await patiently. good games take time.

  8. Anonymous on April 12th, 2012

    the thing about bronies, is that they want to claim to own others souls for their own pride as in “one of us!” as a big furry acceptance thing

    for your own sake (and sales), DON’T DO IT

  9. Terry on April 12th, 2012

    chill out, dude

  10. Brownd on April 12th, 2012

    Yeah, haters tend to come up with crazy theories like that. Don’t worry, we’ll let you keep your soul 🙂
    I just found it funny how someone as important as you used the term “everypony” in a game announcement. It’s ok if you don’t become a brony in the end, you’re still an awesome game creator anyway.

  11. Talon on April 12th, 2012

    The thing about bronies is that they’re just people that like a certain show. Chill the fuck out, anon.

  12. gnome on April 12th, 2012

    (dances around waving the RPG banner)

  13. welp on April 12th, 2012

    gj on becoming a brony, unfollowing your blog

  14. Terry on April 12th, 2012

    @welp: goodbye!

    @Kieran Nexus City isn’t actively being worked on right now, so I have no idea when it’ll be finished. Probably not for some time. Selma’s story is probably not that far away, though…

  15. Micah on April 12th, 2012

    Stoked! Hope to play it soon.

  16. Anonymous on April 12th, 2012

    The thing about My Little Pony is that most people who are aware of it either love it or hate it so you should have expected the reaction from both sides =)

  17. Hael on April 15th, 2012

    Nice update! Also, can’t wait you to turn to the pony side – it would be amazing in gamedev mean :3

  18. Potentialing on April 17th, 2012

    oh god reading all these comments are making my sides hurt

    … to be fair, both sides of the war have their downfalls. I find it hilarious how that one word took over the comment topics.

    On-topic: I hope to see those screenshots in the future! You’re a great dev, man!

  19. Will on April 23rd, 2012

    If it’s made by Terry, it’s going to be awesome. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store!

  20. Soulja Boy on April 26th, 2012

    “… everypony!”


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