Continuing to make progress on this expanded version of Hexagon. I’ve got a big list of things I want to try doing with the game, and I’ve now finished the biggest and scariest thing on that list, which was to “find out what it’s like in 3D”. It’s kinda cool, as it turns out!

That said, I probably won’t continue down this path for the rest of the game. Hexagon becomes something very different in 3D – basically, it makes it a lot harder to see what’s coming in one direction, and a lot easier in another. With the current waves that I’ve implemented, as it stands, all it really does is make the game harder to play. So I’ll likely not turn the whole game 3D, cool and all as it looks.

That said, I’m thinking about making some alternate courses, set to different music. With the right waves, this might find a home as a different level of some kind…

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  1. Zaratustra on May 8th, 2012

    What if you set the game on the surface of a sphere?

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