Big news! VVVVVV is now available in the European 3DS eShop!

This morning, I was finally able to open my 3DS and download the game – for me, it’s hard not to think of today as the game’s real 3DS launch. I know, of course, that the game has been available since last Christmas in the USA – but until now, it hasn’t been available for my 3DS.

I’m really happy with this version of the game too – I think Nicalis did an absolutely smashing job with the port. This would never have happened without them – I can’t thank them enough.

Anyway, to everyone out there who buys the game today, thank you! I’m very proud of VVVVVV, and I hope you enjoy playing it. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Please enjoy these repeats”
  1. Congrats! Don’t have a 3DS myself (nor live in Europe) but it’s always good news there’s more people going to play this masterpiece!

  2. I waited so much for this. I had already bought the PC version, but I stopped playing it when it was announced for 3DS. Now I downloaded it and it’s sooo good! Also, the new levels are awesome!

  3. I really enjoy it! I just beat “Doing things the hard way” after dying like, a million times! 😀

  4. Bought it yesterday. I already have the PC version but having it on a mobile device is great, even more on a Nintendo hardware.

    I hope more content will be available with future updates (level editor, leaderboards, new levels, etc …)

    This game is really great !

  5. Downloaded it as soon as the eshop updated : ) I now own vvvvvv 4 times over : ) initial perchance when it came out on pc, twice via humble bundle and on the 3ds : D.

    Loving the portable version, managed to clear ‘doing things the hard way’ in less then 10 mins this time : ) great game!! Hope they decide to go ahead with adding the level editor and the rest, would be nice to get custom level on the go. Mnd you there is enough content in the supplied levels, managed to clear a few of them without too much trouble.

    Again, great game!! Glad to have it on my beloved 3ds : )

    Excited to see what your next game will be like Terry : )

  6. Ever since I first played it, VVVVVV has always struck me as more of a portable game stuck in a console world. It’s the kind of game I’d rather curl up with like a book rather than put on display like a film. Its non-linearity makes it more of a personal experience, and the small-screen presentation sells that experience for all it’s worth.

    Perhaps the 3DS will give VVVVVV the wider and more varied audience it truly deserves.

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