6 days to go

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By Terry Jun 26, 2012

Today was sorta rubbish. I spoke too soon about having enemies finished before last night – instead, I ran into some bizarre collision issues and ended up scrapping a bunch of work in the process. At least NOW I’m finished the enemies, though.

6 thoughts on “6 days to go”
  1. Oh cool, if it’s not too much of a hassle I’d really appreciate a quick run down of the alternatives you considered and why you ended up picking alternativa.

  2. There were only two other libraries I really considered:

    – Papervision 3D, which I messed about with before Stage3D was a thing. It doesn’t seem to be active any more, though.

    – Away3D, which I checked out. None of the tutorial code actually worked, which was a show stopper.

    I tried Alternativa because somebody at CB2 mentioned that they used it, so I knew that at least one person was using it for a real game. It’s tutorials were pretty clear and simple, everything worked and the things that didn’t I was able to get working by googling for solutions.

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