7 days to go

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By Terry Jun 24, 2012

Today, I’ve been working on the monsters. The manshooter stuff isn’t actually central to what I’m trying to do with this game, but it’s at least important enough to it that I want it to be good. So, I mostly spent today making that better.

A lot of the changes are just little things – the monsters visibly recoil when they’re shot, they do some basic pathfinding so that they can follow you down corridors without getting stuck, and they have lots of little tweaks to movement behaviour depending on how close you are. It makes a huge difference – the enemies used to be fairly dull – just mindlessly moving towards you and attacking when they get close – but now they have a bit more of a presence.

Hoping to have all the enemy behaviours finalised tonight, so that tomorrow I can move onto proper level design.

7 thoughts on “7 days to go”
  1. This is turning out to look really nice. When it’s finished, would it be possible to make a multiplayer version? My friends and I are really looking forward to this (even though we have no idea what it’s about), and it would be great to play it together. Loving the black and white, by the way.

  2. Shame about the multiplayer, but anyway I played that game, and it’s quality! Or at least it would be if anyone went on it, you should advertise it more.

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