Well, it’s a screenshot, sorta. It’s what I’m working on right now.

I’m in a weird place with this game at the moment. Gonna keep working on it for the next couple of days, and hopefully get it to a point where I’d be happy to leave it, if nothing else. Right now I’m feeling like a break to work on something else would be more beneficial to the game than continuing to crunch on it like this.

Anyway, it’s after 12, so I’m going to stop working for the night. I think that’s, like, a reasonable thing to do.

3 thoughts on “Many more days to go”
  1. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

    Also, congrats on getting VVVVVV featured as “Game of the Weekend” on the 3DS eShop! (Though it might only be in North America)

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