My time is up, and my game isn’t finished. It’s been a fun, challenging project, and at times, a very, very exciting one – but it is not something I can just throw together in a week, or, as it turns out, in three weeks. In fact, at this point, I could see it taking another month to finish properly. It’s time to move on. This is not a jam game.

I don’t know if anything will ever come out of this project, but I know I’d rather not feel like I have to rush it to completion. Right now, I’m happy to put it to one side and mull it over; maybe think about revisiting it in a couple of months when I don’t have so many other big unfinished projects hanging over my head.

So, what’s next? Well, Super Hexagon, finally! I sent the beta of the game to a few friends weeks ago now, and I’ve got some really great feedback on it that I’ve been mentally processing. Can’t wait to get back to it!

8 thoughts on “Unspeakable horrors #screenshotsaturday”
  1. I would love to see you finish this game; It looks really good. And I am willing to wait as long as it takes.

  2. Ey! It looks great, but I think the gun and hand would be better with more black. Maybe all black with outlines in white.

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