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So, turns out I accidentally launched Super Hexagon early last night. It was live on the app store for a few hours!

Er, I didn’t mean to do that. I messed up the forward dating stuff in iTunes. It you managed to grab a copy, congratulations! If you didn’t, well, you won’t have long to wait – I’m still planning to launch the game in less than a week, once I’ve got everything lined up. Still need to make a trailer, a website, send out review codes…

Anyway, yes, not long now!


You must be this tall to ride the Super Hexagon

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I have some exciting news that I really should have posted here sooner: Super Hexagon is finished. I finally submitted it to the app store about a week ago, and just this evening I got word that it’s passed review, and is ready to go live! Excellent!

I’m long overdue on posting some basic facts about all this, so here goes:

  • I’m hoping to release it in a week, on Thursday the 6th of September, as a universal app for iPhone and iPad.
  • The game’s gonna cost $2.99 – however, I’m launching it at a sale price of just $0.99 for the first week or so!
  • Although I’m focusing on the iPhone version for the moment, I’m definitely going to put it out on other platforms later. PC/MAC at the very least, and android is a possibility too!

Ok, cool, I think that about covers it!

I’m really proud of this game – although I’ve only been working on it for about four months, it feels like I’ve been subconsciously working on it much, much longer than that… There’s this particular strand of action game that I keep coming back to, that I always seem to do at jams – games like Self Destruct, or Bullet Time, or memrrtiks, or even the Super Gravitron from VVVVVV – they all come from the same place – something instinctive – to me, it feels like they’re all getting at the same thing.

Super Hexagon feels like the game they’ve been heading towards all along.


FreeIndieGam.es Roundup

So, FreeIndieGam.es has been running for six months now. Wow!

We recently started some new things on the site: you may have already seen that Porpentine has started writing a cool weekly roundup of her favourite stuff from the site for RockPaperShotgun. Check it out here!

Also, something else: When I put out the call for a fourth editor, I got a lot of emails from indie devs who liked the site and wanted to contribute, but didn’t really have the time. I thought it would be cool to find some other way for people to contribute, so, starting today, we’re going to try letting guest editors run the site for a few days at a time! These posts will be a little different – we’re just asking out guests to share games that they’ve loved, games that have inspired them, from any time at all.

Our first guest editor is Cactus, and his first post should be appearing shortly!

Hope you’ve been enjoying the site 🙂