Super Hexagon launch week roundup

So, er, wow. So much has happened that I don’t really know where to start, but here goes.

Super Hexagon has been an absolutely huge success – both critically and commercially.

First, there’s critically: the reviews have been unbelievable! The game got a 9/10 from EDGE, and a 10/10 from Destructoid. I have a huge amount of respect for both of them, so getting scores like that is pretty mindblowing.

Secondly, commercially; the game has sold extremely well. It looks like the first week’s sales have come in at just over 30,000. This is way, way beyond what I expected!

I think the best thing of all, though, has been the amazing response the game has been getting from players. People really get what the game is about – something to obsess over, to master. I couldn’t be happier about this.

As a result of all this, I’ve decided to extend the launch sale. It just seemed like a shame to raise the price while so many people are still discovering the game! I’m going to leave the price at 66% off until things slow down a bit.

Thank you for playing, everyone!


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  1. Alcaste on September 14th, 2012

    This is fantastic to hear. I regret not being able to get it since I don’t have an iOS device, but rest assured the moment it hits android or PC I’ll be all over that.

  2. Montoya on September 14th, 2012

    I’m happy for you! It’s great to see a stellar indie game getting so much attention 🙂

  3. Brownd on September 14th, 2012

    Wow, congratulations dude!!
    I might get it as soon as it gets to other platforms, although the trailer did completely scare the **** out of me… I don’t think my brain will be able to handle that game D:
    (and I don’t usually last more than 10 secs on VVVVVV’s super gravitron)

  4. Beastboy on September 14th, 2012

    Honestly, I didn’t thought this would become such a hit, because I expected the target group to be much smaller. But it’s awesome to see that I was wrong and that the response is so good. 😀

    Definitely on my to buy list when I get a iPod/iPhone/iPad at sometime in the next 5 years. lol

  5. Michael on September 14th, 2012

    Congrats. 🙂

  6. Ursumia on September 14th, 2012

    Congratulation Terry 🙂

    I can´t wait for the PC version, i don´t have an iPhone.

  7. mendel on September 14th, 2012

    well deserved, sir. great game all around. congratulations.

  8. Vragal on September 14th, 2012

    So happy for you! Awesome game!

  9. 256bit on September 14th, 2012

    Awesome game, TC! I just have Hyper Hexagonest to finish, but… it’s soul crushingly difficult. In other words, perfect!

  10. 1bitisenough on September 14th, 2012

    Brilliant game with insane challenge and reward. Love it and hope it gets discovered by even more people.

  11. vintersphrost on September 14th, 2012

    yay, android Android ANDROID!

    or vectrex would be nice 😀

  12. Scott on September 14th, 2012

    Congrats. It truly is a great game. I’m obsessed with it. 2 levels to go.

  13. voxl on September 14th, 2012


    Absolutely love the game. So glad you brought it to the mobile platform.

  14. Zanzlanz on September 14th, 2012

    I love it, Terry. I love the reactions I get when I play it in-front of other people. I usually get responses such as “That’s not humanly!” and “Dude how is that even possible…?” To make a game that gets those kinds of responses is completely genius. Good job 🙂

  15. JonBro on September 14th, 2012

    That is so amazing, well done. This game deserves it.

  16. Kyle on September 14th, 2012

    Congrats, Terry! Just beat Hyper Hexagonest for the first time, what happened next was so unexpected I died almost immediately and now I plan on spending time finishing again and trying to get even further (on a related note, its amazing how slow Hexagon is after playing a lot of Hyper modes – I get almost impatient waiting for those obstacles now!). Completing this game was one of the more satisfying gaming experiences I’ve had recently, so thank you Terry!

  17. firzenizer on September 14th, 2012

    pls release the windows version. Not these apple shits ;/

  18. explogeek on September 14th, 2012

    Thanks. Got me obsessed with it for a week.

  19. James Patton on September 14th, 2012

    Woah, 30,000? That’s fantastic news! So glad to hear it was so massively successful!

  20. congratulations and PC please on September 15th, 2012

    congratulations and PC please

  21. PC on September 15th, 2012

    Well done – pity I cant master it though – must be TMB syndrome!!

  22. Bearboy on September 15th, 2012

    Love this game, but i cant get to hexagon on the first level! 😮

  23. Whirligig on September 16th, 2012

    You’re already at #31 under paid action games.

  24. max on September 17th, 2012

    android! please

  25. snappiness on September 17th, 2012

    This game is great fun. Congrats on the successful launch.

  26. Brett on September 18th, 2012


  27. sharps on September 18th, 2012
  28. banzif on September 19th, 2012

    Made it to the last level of the flash version of Hexagon, then tried this. Re-humbled.

  29. banzif on September 19th, 2012

    I expect to see Tycho explaining the better points of this game to Gabe soon. You should be a millionaire by Monday.

  30. Jack on September 20th, 2012

    Pls the pc version. This apple hipster hustling has gone long enough!

  31. Ghoul on September 21st, 2012

    I posted it in the trailer, but I have a Galaxy Nexus and a Toshiba Thrive. You bring it to either of those, you will have my money. Looks fantastically addicting. I just want to play it. 😉

  32. JohnnyPre on September 22nd, 2012

    Congrats. Any plans for an Android version?

  33. Anonymous on September 22nd, 2012

    Felicidasdes for which is the best game in the app store!
    Sorry for the google translated into English … I’m from barcelona.
    Is tbien congratulations to the whole team, very good job.

  34. Eduardozrp on September 24th, 2012

    My favorite ipad game so far, and i have over 100. Congrats Terry, you deserve it, huge fan of your work since dont look back.

  35. JT on September 24th, 2012

    I loved VVVVVV and I love this.

    So what’s next on the agenda? I would love another large project I could spend $15 on.

  36. btrost on September 25th, 2012

    Love. Love. Love the game. It feeds my sickness like few games do. Congrats on the success!

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