About a week ago, I took a day out from working on Super Hexagon stuff to do a fun side thing – I ported one of my old games, Don’t Look Back, to mobile. It’s available now on both iOS and Android. (It was a pretty simple port, thanks to Adobe AIR’s mobile exporter.)

The game initially failed review on the apple app store, for a somewhat bizarre reason (some people are taking this weirdly seriously; I’m not, I think it’s hilarious). Thankfully, it got sorted out pretty quickly.( But yeah, it’s probably worth pointing out that the game is totally free, which is all I was really trying to express with that description.)

Revisiting Don’t Look Back was a pretty strange experience. It’s quite old now – I made it in January 2009 – and I hadn’t actually played it in some time. Despite numerous flaws which are glaringly apparent to me now, it remains a game I’m extremely proud of making.

2009, incidentally, is also the year that I made almost all of VVVVVV. One of the reasons I thought this port might be fun to do is that I’m considering an iOS and Android port for VVVVVV, so I’m seeing it as kind of a “trial run”. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, and I’m not promising anything – but I’m definitely thinking about it.

25 thoughts on “Don’t Look Back now available for iOS and Android”
  1. Played it. Pretty good, I must say. Specially when I realised what it actually was about.
    Hadn’t played it on PC beforehand, but it seemed flawless on Android at least.

  2. Hey Terry, there’s an issue with the Android version on some devices where it’s drawing in portrait and cutting off the right half of the screen. Hope that’s handled for Super Hexagon, can’t wait to play it.

  3. Hi Terry,

    i tried the game and the buttons are too small and too close to each other for me, same for screen titles buttons.

    I also got the feeling that I can’t have 3 of them pressed in the same time (e.g. right jump shoot), or that more than one button make the other less responsive, but cannot confirm that.

    I really want to like the game but it is a pain to control! (and I would be sad if VVVVVV got the same issue)

    (i’m on galaxy nexus btw)

  4. Tried the game also, the port is not really ideal. Buttons are too small for comfort, and I’m often left without moving, when pressing the right button.

    Also, some areas (for example the ones with fireballs) are quite laggy on my iPhone 4.

  5. Thanks so much for the port of DLB. I played it all the way through shortly after VVVVVV came out and absolutely loved it.

    As far as the VVVVVV port, PLEASE do it! I bought it on PC but that PC crapped out on me, and I bought it on 3DS but ended up giving that to a friend after a retina tear in my right eye made the 3D kind of pointless. I now use my iPad as my only PC, and have been sadly V-less for about six months. A nice low price point on iOS would guarantee you free advertising from being on the top 50 for weeks, and more buys leads to more buys. To paraphrase Fry, “cease thine utterances and take possession of mine currency!”

  6. Very nice game.

    By the way controls are barely usable, they need some work and some areas are very laggy (iPhone 4).

    It would be great with “mikey shorts” like controls.

  7. Beautiful game, albeit dark. Nice and minimalistic.
    My only quarrel is with the buttons being so close together, but this is otherwise great. Thanks for porting it!

  8. I’m really excited to download this on my iPod! I’ve already played it online a couple of times, but that was a while ago and it’s a great game that’s worth revisiting.

    Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a VVVVVV port to iOS! I have already played the heck out of it, but I woul still gladly pay to have it on my iPod so I could pull it out an play a few minutes on the buss or in a waiting room. It’s one of those games that never stops being fun.

  9. Please make an iOS port of VVVVVV!! I will pay anything for it it is one of the best games in history and it’s perfect for mobile and will translate easily for touchscreens!

  10. hi,
    I really enjoyed this game. it reminds me of that old game on snes… “out of this world”
    everyone seems to understand something that I don’t, however, like there is a meaning, or a premise?
    absolutely a lot of fun, though, and like the music a lot.
    i have more fun with this than most other games

  11. Hey, I just tried your game here
    And I wanted to leave a constructive critizice (?) -sorry english isn’t my native language-
    Gameplay and music are addictive.
    I just couldn’t play it more than 5 times because of the voice saying “game over”.
    I know I lost the game.
    I don’t need the woman telling me every single time, specially in a game that you’re trying again and again in less than 10 seconds.
    If you leave the voice, PLEASE add an option to turn it off, since I don’t want to play it mute because the music has a lot to do with the game experience.

  12. Dear Terry,
    Any update about te project to port vvvvvv on ios?

    Would be awesome and an instant success.



  13. this is *still* my fave game of yours. I remember the first time I played it got to the half way point, started heading back, wondered what the heck was going on… And then the penny dropped and I worked out exactly what the story was that you had adapted… one of the purest joy moments I’ve had playing a computer game.

  14. Have you considered allowing the user to remap the controls on the PC version. I would love to run this on my arcade machine, but I can’t remap the action button to work with my control panel. 🙁

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