A little while ago on twitter, some people I follow were putting together themed mix tapes of games they like. I think it’s a cool idea, so I’m going to try putting a couple of them together myself. Here’s the first one.

Mixtape 1: “Introduction”

This mixtape is for people who haven’t played many games, and think they won’t like them.

All of these games are controlled with the mouse, arrow keys, and space bar. They’re all free.

Click here to download the entire collection, or play the games individually below:

TRACK 1: “I wish I were the moon” by Daniel Benmergui [Play online]
TRACK 2: “The Republica Times” by Lucas Pope [Play online]
TRACK 3: “La La Land 3” by TheAnemic [Download for Windows]
TRACK 4: “Dys4ia” by Anna Anthropy [Play online]
TRACK 5: “LaserTube: Trapped In The Closet” by Jeremy Penner [Play online]
TRACK 6: “Home” by Increpare [Download for Windows]
TRACK 7: “Terra Tam: The World Warrior” by Leon Arnott [Play online]
TRACK 8: “Air Pressure” by Bentosmile [Play online], [Download for Windows]
TRACK 9: “Get Lost” by Allen Henderson [Play online]
TRACK 10: “Drill Killer” by thecatamites [Download for Windows]
5 thoughts on “Mixtape 1: Introduction”
  1. Thank you so much for arranging these in a single downloadable bundle (with track numbering, to boot!). It makes the mixtape much easier to share and ensures it will be enjoyed as intended.

  2. I’ve just played only the first game from the mixtape and already I’m very moved. Thank you Terry for reminding me again how great a computer game can be as a medium for conveying ideas and emotions.

  3. Most of these are really great. Especially Home and I Wish I were the Moon are awesome for newcomers. I think Get Lost is actually better when you haven’t played games before than if you have, since it’s a very frustrating feeling otherwise.
    The Republia Times might be a little hard for people that have never really played games before, but it’s awesome though. I think I’d put that as a later track instead of as number 2.

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