Mixtape 2: Obscure

My last mixtape was intended for non-gamers – this one is more of an insider thing.

Mixtape 2: “Obscure”

Over the long term in this medium, I think people tend to only remember the highlights. The best games on a system. The best games in a genre. The best games in a given year. A developer’s best game. In the process, a lot of flawed, interesting games get forgotten.

We’re long enough into this whole solo-indie developer thing that there are now quite a few prolific developers out there with a substantial body of work – in many cases, a body of work that includes extremely interesting games overshadowed by more famous productions. You could make many mixtapes like this one.

This mixtape is a collection of early or lesser known works by designers I like. (The title, “obscure”, wasn’t quite the word I was looking for, but I struggled to find a better one.)

Click here to download the entire collection for windows, or play the games individually below:

TRACK 1: “Operator Status” by Nifflas
Better known for: Knytt Stories, NightSky
[Download for Windows]
TRACK 2: “Striptease” by Increpare
Better known for: English Country Tune, Mirror Stage
[For Windows] [For Mac]
TRACK 3: “Calamity Annie” by Anna Anthropy
Better known for: Dys4ia, REDDER
[For Windows] [For Mac]
TRACK 4: “Enemy Of The Solid State” by Bento Smile
Better known for: Air Pressure, Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure
[Win] [Mac] [Linux]
TRACK 5: “Exploit” by Gregory Weir
Better known for: The Majesty of Colors, How to Raise a Dragon
[Play online]
TRACK 6: “Night Raveler and the Heartbroken Uruguayans” by Daniel Benmergui
Better known for: Today I die, I wish I were the moon
[Play online]
TRACK 7: “Moneyseize” by Matt Thorson
Better known for: Give up Robot, An Untitled Story
[Play online]
TRACK 8: “Painter” by Jonathan Blow
Better known for: The Witness, Braid
[Download for Windows]
TRACK 9: “You Shall Know The Truth” by Jonas Kyratzes
Better known for: The Infinite Ocean, The Sea Will Claim Everything
[Play online]
TRACK 10: “Barista 1” by Blendo Games
Better known for: Thirty Flights of Loving, Flotilla
[Download for Windows]
TRACK 11: “Tekkyuuman” by Ikiki
Better known for: Nikujin, Hakaiman
[Download for Windows]
TRACK 12: “Precision” by Cactus
Better known for: Hotline Miami, Norrland
[Download for Windows]
TRACK 13: “Randy Balma Municipal Abortionist” by Messhof
Better known for: Nidhogg, Flywrench
[Download for Windows]

Super Hexagon coming to Steam next week

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You’ve no idea how happy I am to finally be able to share this news. Super Hexagon is launching on Steam next Tuesday the 27th of November, for PC and Mac.

It’s going to cost $2.99 (the same price as the iOS version), but I’m hoping to launch with some sort of discount (still talking to Valve about that).

I’m sorry this has taken so long. I appreciate your patience with me! I wanted to launch much sooner than this, but ultimately I just wasn’t happy with the performance of the flash version. So, I knuckled down and rewrote everything in C++ – this new version of the game runs at a higher resolution than the iOS version, and runs fast and silky smooth on every machine I’ve been able to get my hands on – a very important thing for a game like this.

I’m very excited to finally be able to share this game with more people. See you on the leaderboards! 🙂


Wanted: Coder

EDIT 21st Nov 2012: This position is now filled! Thank you.

Hey all! I’m looking for another coder for a contract job. Here’s the deal:

I recently ported Super Hexagon from Flash to C++, using the cross platform openFrameworks library. That port is now finished, and the game should hopefully be launching on PC and Mac very soon.

I’m looking for a programmer to port this new version of the game to Android, and then later to iOS (as an update to the existing version there). The library I’ve used is supposed to be cross platform, so I don’t expect it to be a huge job – but there are enough complications with it to make it a job for a more experienced coder than myself.

Part of the job will be to implement Scoreloop on Android, and Gamecenter on iOS. (On iOS, you’ll also need to write some code to pick up the old flash save files.) You may also need to optimise the code to make it run at 60fps at retina resolutions.

You don’t necessarily have to use openFrameworks if you’re more familiar with a different C++ framework on Android/iOS (it should be relatively straightforward to swap oF for something else).

If you’re interested, please get in touch, and we can discuss rates, deadlines, and more about what’s involved. Thanks!


Hyper Mode

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It’s been a while since Super Hexagon came out on iPhone – I guess people might be wondering what the hold up is with the PC and Mac ports. Well, long story short, I wasn’t happy with how the game was running on some computers, so about two weeks ago I started porting the game to C++.

What does this mean for Super Hexagon? Well, exciting things! A linux version is now possible! Leaderboard issues aren’t a hold up on Android anymore! Maybe even retina support is possible on iOS! I dunno. Right now I’m just going to focus on getting the game out on PC, but this is a good thing, overall. Wish I’d done it before launch.

I think I’m done with Flash, now. I’ve used it for about four years at this point, and gotten very comfortable with it – but I think I’ve gotten to the point where it’s holding me back. It’s time for a change!