83 thoughts on “Super Hexagon now available on steam”
  1. https://imgur.com/BBdWH
    bought it, 100í it 24 minutes later. I would like to think that’s a record or something. 😀

    anyway at first i couldn’t get used to keyboard controls as there seemed to be like a lag of a few hundred milliseconds. Disabling v-sync fixed it, and let me beat the rest of the game in the remaining 20 minutes. I’m going to abstain from super hexagon for a while now..

  2. Steam is a “gold” supported app on wine for Linux. I just installed Steam and Super Hexagon on Debian stable with no difficulties, it seems to run fine on my netbook. Excellent! 🙂

  3. Err, Sam, you know it’s being ported to Linux as we speak right? In fact, it has sent shockwaves across the industry as Steam is an excellent distribution channel!

    I’m using Kubuntu, and unfortunately the betas keeps fulfilling their quotas before I can get into them, but I’ll be sure to get it the moment it comes out!

    And I’d love it if you could port Super Hexagon to Linux too! Without this compiling from source code business for OpenHexagon (which actually introduced me to the game and I’d pay for the original, though I am a fan of and contributor to lots of open source software, just not clones).

  4. Sam Watkins: what this means is that in three dimensions, if you plot the points (1,2,3), (2,3,1), (3,1,2), (3,2,1), (2,1,3), and (1,3,2), they form the vertices of a perfect hexagon. Hope this helps.

  5. Great game, but music becomes repetitive after awhile, especially on hexagonest when it stops every 3 seconds or so. Any chance of a DLC of new music? 😀

  6. It would be great if they would also sell the soundtracks on steam WITH the ending and BlackSpace Mode or whatever you call it theme.
    Some folks I know bought this game not because of the game but for the kickass music 🙂
    But I guess that’s up to Chipzel to decide.

  7. Steam/steamapps/common/Super Hexagon/data/music -> copy music1.dat to music5.dat to another folder -> go to the other folder -> rename them to .ogg -> yay


    I bought 3 copies. I wish Steam would let you buy multiple copies of something instead of having to check out repeatedly. Some of my friends are getting forcible Christmas gifts!

  9. Silly question, but does this run on Windows 7? I checked the steam page, and there weren’t any system requirements listed.

  10. On a totally unrelated note, seeing you beat Hyper Hexagonest made me realize you’ve probably also beaten Self Destruct. Any chance you could post a video of the ending someday? I’ve been wondering since the procedural comp.

  11. I’ve noticed that when I leave v sync on, I get a bit of lag between me pressing the left and right arrows and the triangle actually moving. Great game otherwise

  12. I assume there are plans to use the Humble Store framework to sell the Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux versions. Will the Android variant be included as well? Are there any plans to release VVVVVV on Android/iOS?

  13. I just ran into a crash on the mac version (OS X 10.7.5, GeForce GT 650M 512 MB) which seems to be pretty reproducible:

    While in a game, rapidly quit, change levels, then start a new session. (ie. esc, esc, ->, space).
    Doing the same without changing modes seems to start the level without any music playing every other time too, so it might be related to that.

    It’s not a particularly bad crash, but I thought a report would be helpful.

  14. That’s very odd, I did that exact test to make sure the timing code worked before I released it… Are your graphics card drivers up to date?

  15. Just checked, and it looks like they’re fine.

    Also I’m looking around on youtube, and it looks like some people are having the same problem. (Though I’m not sure how many would consider higher times a problem.)

  16. To what key was Focus Reverse shifted?

    I just checked, and the actual reversed version combined with it sounds like demon music.

  17. Hey Terry, are you planning to release Super Hexagon on XBLA any time soon? I think you need to port your groundbreaking game on as many platforms as you can!

  18. I’ve noticed that sometimes there are bugs with collision detection – I’ve been able to go through solid sections of blocks by being exactly lined up on the line between them.

    This is most noticeable on Hexagonest in the continuous spiral sections, try to go through it backwards. You’ll slide up the side of one block, and even though the blocks are touching you’ll go through the middle of them. In that specific case you’ll end up hitting another if you keep trying to go around, but it IS possible to end up lined up exactly on the break – I went through 3 layers like that, until I felt dirty and had to move and earn my time rather than just sit and coast on for eternity.

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