Working on something for this weekend’s Ludum Dare – not sure if it’s gonna go anywhere…

10 thoughts on “Dog Game”
  1. Hahaha looks quite interesting! I’m very excited to see where you take this, 🙂
    You’re art style is pretty awesome! Simple of course, but that’s the point.

  2. I am always impressed by the atmosphere your games are able to generate with minimalist pixel art, low-bit sound and simple controls. I am only dissapointed that I can’t play it yet!

    And congratulations on the continued success and recognition of Super Hexagon – it is the only iOS game I have that never gets old and always feels fun when I pick it up. I’ll keep on hoping to see VVVVVV on iOS in the new year!

  3. The game looks like it will be interesting. I can’t wait to play it. Anyways, I am interested in making games myself, and am wondering what kind of programming language you use. Thanks in advance.

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