70 thoughts on “Super Hexagon for Android”
  1. I’m playing on a galaxy s2 and there is no music. Sound effects work fine. Definitely a disappointment without music though

  2. Hey guys,

    A couple of people have been reporting the music bug on Samsung devices, and we think we might have a fix for it. Should have an update soon! (In the meantime, you can usually fix it by just updating your firmware, if possible)

  3. Awesome, thanks for listening and working to solve the problem so quickly!

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m on the latest firmware already so that’s not applicable in my case.

  4. Thanks a lot for the Nexus 7, didn’t meet the delay on the screen in the game, Hexagon and Hexagoners are ok to complete, (Hexagonest is completable too, but its too hard for me).

  5. Device: Toshiba IS04 (crappy single core android 2.2…)
    Bug: During gameplay, the triangle keeps spinning even after I stop touching the screen.
    Steps to reproduce: Start game, then wait for screen to turn off. Unlock phone and begin a level.
    Expected behavior: The triangle should only spin while the screen is pressed.
    Workaround: Don’t let the phone sleep after starting.
    Comments: This bug also occurs in the credits screen.
    I don’t have high hopes for this crappy phone. Maybe you can add an option to keep the phone awake, like dolphin browser does?
    PS: I like your games.

  6. Is there a place to buy the .apk so I can transfer it onto my kindle fire? I don’t have any other android devices yet.

  7. I’m playing on a Galaxy S2 and the movement of the triangle seems off- it keeps moving a bit even after I stop touching the screen. Is this the input lag other people are getting?

    It’s not game-breaking or anything but it makes the game somewhat more difficult to play.

  8. This game is best while playing and find that internal ninja mental/dexterous zone…I have no problem busting this out anywhere movie theater, work, meetings, driving(haha jk)..

  9. I have a sg note2 and i have the same feeling i had on the computher until i turned off the vsync. Now i could complete hardest and it was imposible before. Is it a way to get an update to the game or so i could turn it of on the phone.

  10. OMG it’s finally been released!!

    runs smooth on my HTC MT4Gs but sometimes the music dies and won’t reload (other sounds still work). The music for the other difficulties will play until they die, too. The only way to get them back is to restart the app.

    can’t wait for that to get cleared up!

  11. Would you be able to make it compatable for a samsung galaxy y as i have been waiting for this game to come to andriod and when i found that it wasn’t compatable i was really anoyed so please make it compatable for a galaxy y

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