One final port announcement!

Super Hexagon is now available on Linux. If you’ve got the PC or Mac version of the game on Steam, then you should already have it in your library!

I’ve also finally made a non-steam version of the game, for those of you who prefer that. That’s available now from the humble store on superhexagon.com, for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Super Hexagon is now on all the platforms that it’s ever likely to be on! Thank you for your support, everyone 🙂

I know recently all I’ve been posting here is Super Hexagon announcements, sorry – I’m working on something new at the minute that’s starting to take shape. Will post about it soon.

By the way, did you know that March is Hexagonal Awareness Month? Please keep hexagons in your thoughts this coming month.

16 thoughts on “Super Hexagon on Linux”
  1. I’ve tried the Steam version and I think it has some issues. Fullscreen mode doesn’t like multi-monitor setups, because it detects the resolution of all monitors combined. But window mode works fine. Also the music at the start of each game begins with totally random part of the soundtrack, not just with one of the “beginning” ones.

  2. Thank you!! The experience under Linux was honestly pretty irritating before (entirely due to behaviors of Steam under Wine), so I appreciate this move.

  3. Hi.
    Awesome that it happened at least!
    But I’m having the following issues:
    * The music starting points are, at least for Hexagonest, incorrect (compared to the other versions).
    * Random crashes in the middle of the gameplay

  4. @Terry I’d just like to say I absolutely hate you for porting this. My head now hurts from all the spinning and turning and I still can’t put it down.

  5. This game is addicting as hell. I’ve already bought it three times, and I’d gladly buy it again for the vita. Any plans, or have you stopped likely due to the hexagon imprint embedded in your skulls?

  6. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for making a non-Steam version! I already owned it on Steam but I was sooo tired of having to launch the Steam client every time I wanted to play… this is MUCH better. I can focus on playing the game now! 😀

  7. Terry,

    I’d like to help port Super Hexagon (and VVVVVV) to Haiku… I’ve emailed you recently about this, but did not get a response.

    Please let me know if this is something you’d consider.


  8. For me, I only seem to have this issue:
    The song starting points for “Hexagon” and “Hexagonest” seem to be “incorrect” (compared to the song’s starting points on the PC version. ex. It never starts at a certain part of a song that the others did.) “Hexagoner” seems to be free of this odd issue. Was there a fix for this issue? Or is it just me having a problem?

  9. Having problem with the game. Just installed from humble bundle via steam on linux. It’s trying to use half of one of my dual monitors. How do I take it out of fullscreen mode?

  10. This makes me happy. I bought the game for my sister on her iPad ages ago, then found out the very next day that it came out on PC. And have been waiting in the meantime for a non-Steam version. So thank you, very much! Just bought it now!

    But… I do kind of have a request. I mean, I see now that it’s even come out on Blackberry as well. But there’s no Symbian version! Third biggest mobile OS in the world, come on 😛

    I love the hell out of my Nokia 808 and as much as it would be the worst thing ever to have this game available wherever I go, I will still be ready to buy it the moment it appears on there. As I’m sure plenty of other Symbian enthusiasts would be too!

  11. I’m playing it (59s on hexagoner! I was doing well until 57 seconds in, when the game started to machine-gun walls at me). My right arm is starting to strain, I wonder how Terry positions his hands to get such cool and precise control in the video I’m linking.

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