Phew! Day seven, that’s it. I figured for the last day I should show a video that’s longer than 6 seconds, so I recorded a session of the game.

That bit in the video above is just randomly spawning a new enemy every 6 turns or so, against a player with a dagger (just attacks directly ahead) and a bow (ranged weapon with a reload time of three turns). There’s more than that in the game, but I don’t have graphics for everything yet so I kept it simple. The combat’s feeling fun already, which is a very good sign, I think.

Was a bit more laid back today – spent some time thinking through more game elements – more weapons, more enemies, more areas. I’m super into where this game is going, and I haven’t even gotten to the stuff that I’m REALLY excited about yet.

Right so, I’m off to IGF next week, so this will probably go on hold till I get back!

6 thoughts on “Seven Day Roguelike, Last day”
  1. That’s… interesting. I like that there’s so much focus on maximizing your time. Roguelikes, obviously, are all about the play-die-restart loop, but it looks like you’ve taken it to the extreme.

    Is that the only area, or will there be others? Is that the only size?

    Is there an ETA on a release?

    Can’t say it’s as mind-blowing as VVVVVV, but looks like a quality RL.

    PS Looks well suited for touchscreen devices…

  2. This looks good so far. I love how, at this point, you can take this game in any direction (content and gameplay speaking). I’m excited to see where you take it next! 😀

  3. That’s actually really cool. Love the idea of a roguelike playing out like a giant jigsaw.

    I’d imagine that after mastering the 8-direction attack it would be really cool to have attacks with varying patterns.. like single-piece chess, perhaps?

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