Works in progress


A little while ago on twitter, inspired by Andi McClure, I recorded some vine videos of some of my unfinished games. Here’s Vine 1, Vine 2, and Vine 3. It’s far from comprehensive, just a couple of random things I cared about and didn’t mind showing.

My approach to making games means I work on lots of different things, most of which end up going nowhere. I have the attention span of a four year old. This is probably a good thing!

However, sometimes it can be kinda frustrating. As time goes by, I’m accumulating a body of unfinished work that I will never be able to complete, at least some of which I think has the potential to be very special, better than stuff I’ve released. I don’t know how or when, exactly, but there’s a lot of stuff here I really believe I’m going to finish someday. And I know I probably never will.

When I posted these vines on twitter, Jordan Mallory from Joystiq got in touch to ask me to talk about them. So I did! Here’s part one, here’s part two.


Halting Problem, #screenshotsaturday


Update time! I have a working title for my puzzle game: Halting Problem. I’m not sure yet if it’s gonna stick, just trying it on.

A proper, meaty puzzle game is something I’ve wanted to make for ages, and I’m having lots of fun just messing around with the mechanics for this one and seeing what I can make out of them. It’s inspired by DROD, but also things like Qrostar games, Zachtronic games, and my flatmate Increpare’s games.

Really excited about this! I think I’m gonna make it my main focus for a while.