A little while ago on twitter, inspired by Andi McClure, I recorded some vine videos of some of my unfinished games. Here’s Vine 1, Vine 2, and Vine 3. It’s far from comprehensive, just a couple of random things I cared about and didn’t mind showing.

My approach to making games means I work on lots of different things, most of which end up going nowhere. I have the attention span of a four year old. This is probably a good thing!

However, sometimes it can be kinda frustrating. As time goes by, I’m accumulating a body of unfinished work that I will never be able to complete, at least some of which I think has the potential to be very special, better than stuff I’ve released. I don’t know how or when, exactly, but there’s a lot of stuff here I really believe I’m going to finish someday. And I know I probably never will.

When I posted these vines on twitter, Jordan Mallory from Joystiq got in touch to ask me to talk about them. So I did! Here’s part one, here’s part two.

6 thoughts on “Works in progress”
  1. “Sixty Hours In” really is a hilarious idea. It reminds me of playing other people’s save files whenever I would rent SNES games from the video store.

  2. I really did like the idea 🙂 What kinda killed it for me was playing something sorta similar, an Armor Games RPG parody I don’t remember the name of. It wasn’t exactly the same, but the core “whole game is a single battle followed by an ending” was similar enough to kill my motivation for working on it.

  3. Cool stuff… I’ve been thinking about my own heap of unfinished games that gets increasing week by week … I would love to read about each of those ideas, their origins, why that ends up as unfinished :)…

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