Been back working on this for three weeks now. Maybe it’s time I said something about it? I feel like talking about this one is jinxing it a little…

This is a thing I’ve chipped away at on and off since 2011. Every so often, I get the urge to finally finish it. This time it’s looking like I might actually do it.

It’s been an odd one to come back to again – the big problem with this game is that it accumulates ideas – every time I come back to it, I move in a different direction with it. Figuring out how to finish it has been all about figuring out what it actually wants to be, and focusing on that.

Shouldn’t be much longer.

4 thoughts on “Infinitely close #screenshotsaturday”
  1. The screens you’ve showed so far have all looked interesting. The game just has some inherently interesting look to it, not graphically but mechanically.

    Just seems appealing to interact with.

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