Progress report time! I’ve finally finished the “first draft” of my isothingy game. In this particular case, I’ve decided that this means:

– That there are no placeholder lines of text in the story. I’d say quite a lot of the writing will be getting revised before I release it, but the story is all there, intact.

– You can play the game from start to finish. There are lots and lots of incomplete rooms, and some rooms are in the wrong order, etc etc, but the entire game is linked up now.

So how far off finished is it? Still pretty far, really. There are lots of little gaps to fill in everywhere in the game, lots of graphics are missing, and biggest of all, I don’t have a soundtrack yet. (I haven’t really done any music composition in a while, so I’ve been practising.)

It’s hard to work out exactly how long this game has taken, since it’s been so on and off, but I think it’ll be around 5 months, total, when it’s done. Quite a lot for what’s really a very small, simple thing.

5 thoughts on “Isothingy, 10th August 2013, #screenshotsaturday”
  1. Cant wait for this! I thought flashygoodness was doing the music? I love that track you uploaded, what software / tools did you use to create that? Been meaning to do some chip tuning myself.

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