UPDATE: This blog post is for an old version of Bosca Ceoil, and is out of date! Bosca Ceoil v2.0 is available from here: boscaceoil.net


Bosca Ceoil is updated to version 1.1! Download links are in the original blog post.

So what’s new? Lots of stuff! You can zoom the arrangement view with the mouse wheel now! You can have pattern sizes up to 32 notes! It associates with .ceol files, so you can double click on files to load them! The full changelog is here, on github.

This version also adds support for the SiON library’s global effects, like delay, distortion, loads and loads of stuff. I can’t seem to figure out how to have more than one of these operational at a time though, so for this build at least, they’re implemented as a drop down menu. I’d really like to change that – if you know your way around the library, consider making a request on github!

Hope you’ve been having fun using this. I know I have!

11 thoughts on “Bosca Ceoil v1.1”
  1. Great job Terry!

    My girlfriend ans I had great fun playing around with it (she was really touched by the name, being Irish and all) and I have to say this is the most user friendly music making thing I ever tried.
    Most trackers are plain scary to look at.

    In fact I will probably end up using it to make music for a game I am working on.


  2. Great little sequencer, I love its simplicity – I wish makers of multi-thousands pounds full-featured synthesizers would have a fraction of your sense for usability (I am looking at you Korg!). Would definitely give it a go and try to make some nice music for my games – thanks for making this available.

  3. Great.
    Version 1.1 has a bug when exporting wave files. The wave files are not loopable, because the start note is played again at the end of the sequence.

  4. Fantastic! I love the simplicity and execution.

    This would lend itself really well to an android device.

    Any chance of an android build?

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