Crash course


I made a decision a few days ago that I felt like sharing here – I’m not going to enter Halting Problem into the IGF this year. I had a long blog post about why, but I’m probably better keeping it short – I just felt like I was having to rush some important decisions about the game to get it ready to show to people, and I don’t feel like that’s something I want to do, not with this game – I’ve kinda had that experience before, when I rushed to submit Four Letter Word to the 2011 IGF, and I ultimately regretted it. I ended up with something I just wanted to tear down and start over with.

This is a game I’m hugely excited about, and this is how I want to make it. At a relaxed pace, adding new things when inspiration hits, exploring ideas fully as they come. I think this is healthier, and better for the game overall. Maybe I’ll enter it next year instead!