12 thoughts on “Collapse”
  1. Cool game, super mindbending. The fact that rewinding is so easy in PuzzleScript games is pretty cool. It’s like every PuzzleScript game is Braid.

  2. Ha, I missed the rewind option first time round, every time I made a mistake I reset to the start of the sandy bit D:

    Also, finally beat Super Hexagon. Bought it on release and spent 19 hours playing the thing – Terry, you are evil 😛

  3. Clever as always.

    On a separate note, I’ve really enjoyed the increased frequency in posts lately. Not to put pressure on you. Just, thanks is all.

  4. Sorry for being stupid but…. any game I access in PuzzleScript always gives me the “insert cartridge” screen and I have no idea what to do from here. Haha. Help?

  5. So I turned on the hack menu and I immediately get this:

    “Contacting GitHub
    GitHub request returned nothing. A connection fault, maybe?”

    Figures; where I’m accessing this right now, GitHub is blocked. Guess I’ll have to wait until I get home to try this out lol.

  6. Using a repository to store the game is something I seriously wasn’t expecting. PuzzleScript looks like some awesome stuff.

    I’ll try out your game later. For now I’m going to try and understand the technicalities of PuzzleScript instead 😛

  7. Really enjoyed this little gem. At first I thought the game ended with the flower and that it couldn’t be completed. Turns out I was wrong!

  8. Wow. Really took me a long time to beat. Really nice platformer which works your brain out, but WE REALLY NEED A WALKTHROUGH WHEN STUCK. XD

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