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  1. Well, I managed to get a score of three. I’m not sure how significant that is, given.

    This looks unwinnable – there’s a fountain of youth that you have to return to ever so often, and objects that you can collect, but have no idea where they are. And furthermore, as the game progresses, you need to return to the fountain more and more often, meaning the furthest items can’t be reached any more.

    Honestly, this game feels like it’s trying to tell me something about death and how inevitable it is. It’s doing a pretty good job at it.

  2. I like the game very much. It look’s like interpretation of “Passage” game.

    At first, I need to say few words about original game (google tranlation from my russian).

    The game Passage lasts 5 minutes. During this time, the player lives life. In the upper right corner displays earned for “life” points (though, of course, the goal and purpose of life does not consist in making points).

    So, these points can be obtained in two ways: just go ahead ( with the amount of points gradually increases ) or walk in the backstreets of the maze and search for various treasures.

    When you walk in the backstreets , your points do not grow , but if you find a treasure, you will get 100 points immediately . At the same time a high probability that you and time waste, and treasures you find . And in the life of a person has a choice: to go forward, to have “usual life”, or explore the world .

    Player has an another choice: to marry or to travel “light”. When you travel alone, you can easily go to different corners of the maze , where there may be hidden treasures. When walking with his wife , your movement is restricted , not in every nook and cranny get go . But from the simple movement of the “forward” you get double the amount of points.

    The game is very minimalistic ( as simplelife of its creator ) , but conceptual , makes you wonder, makes you think. Another thing that seemed interesting. Game screen is a long strip (100 x 16 pixels ). This strip resembles a kind of “river of time” – when the space is connected with time into one. In front of the man is his future , and behind – the past .

    When a person starts the game , it is located on the left side of the screen , at the very beginning . Behind him, there is no past , and ahead – ” a long future.” And it is clear that the further is the future , so it is more nebulous and vague .

    When a character is getting old , the camera shows it on the right side of the screen. And you will immediately understand that the people are ahead there is no future , and behind it – compressed and crumpled memories.

    Again, I play seemed conceptually very interesting. A rare example where the author can such simple methods , a few pixels to display a lifetime.


    Then, we have Terry’s variation.

    I saw two games by Terry Cavannagh on the same topic: Pathways and Fountain. The first game seemed to be stronger. In it the player must find 8 endings of his Path. Every day he gets up and does the same male’s things: drinks at the bar, goes to his mistress, fight with a dragon, goes to war. And each time leaving the house, he will pass his girlfriend, who is trying to get his attention. When he finds the last of 8 ending, it turns out that his beloved is gone. I think that this game – a small masterpiece of Terry.

    In subject game player – is always alone. He can walks a Garden to find some treasures, but he must return back to the “Fountain” (of life, youth) to replenish his life. I think that makes the concept more playable and gambling, although Terry is more departed from the truth while searching new ideas.

    I can only wish that the fountain of Terry’ ideas never faded away, and we will approach it periodically to replenish our energy.

  3. Really good, though I don’t really know how on Earth I’m meant to get all the purple tile things. Is it actually possible?

  4. Your games touch me, Terry! Thank you for your efforts! I explored all(?) of Fountain and found 13 items. Anything more to find/do? I feel this game is a pearl in a sea of oysters that either has more to it, or should.

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