So, update time! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on android and iOS ports of VVVVVV. This is a super overdue thing – it’s been like 90% finished for over a year – but I never seemed to be able to find the time to finish it off properly and release it. After GDC, with Nicalis’ PSVita port imminent, it seemed like it was now or never.

And it’s almost done! The last big thing I had to do was update the menus to be more touchscreen friendly, which is now done and works really well. Should be ready to submit any day now.

The big concern that comes up when I talk about this project is controls – is VVVVVV even a game that works well on a touchscreen? And the answer is yes, it does! Mostly, anyway – using a touchpad for this sort of game is just never going to be as good as using a joypad, but the touch controls I’ve got are feeling really nice.

I tried out a bunch of different control ideas – d-pads, virtual analogue sticks, super hexagon style controls where you press both sides of the screen to flip, and these all basically work with varying levels of success.

The one that definitely works the best, though, is swipe and hold to move, which is what I’m using as the defaults. Basically, you put your thumb down on the screen – move it left and you move left, move it right and you move right, let go to stop. It feels super responsive and nice!

Anyhow, time to put up or shut up. Here’s a video of me doing Veni, Vidi, Vici on touch controls:

20 thoughts on “In a Single Bound”
  1. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this ever since I heard about it. However I do have a few questions.

    What are the other control options?

    Is the rest of the secret lab replaced by Game Center or something like it? The button says “super gravitron”…

    And what will the loaded player worlds be? (You don’t have to answer this one)

    And nice job on the spike tower 🙂

  2. Terry you monster. How many takes did you need to pull that off? 😛

    If anything could convince me of the control scheme’s accuracy, it’s that video. Nicely done.

  3. Wait, before anyone says that other control styles were mentioned, I don’t know which of those actually made it as alternatives.

  4. Looks cool, and I would find it interesting to see if the controls surpass what I had to use for Sonic CD (urgh… great game ruined by horrible touch control imo).

    Also, is this a port of 1.2 (with additional levels) or 2.x?

  5. Cool. Might be a good excuse to play through my favorite platformer.

    That’s an interesting solution for the control scheme. Platformers are always so awkward on touchscreens. But this sounds like it could be a cool new way to play the game, not just a passable substitute.

  6. When the Android version is released, will I be able to obtain it along my PC version from the humble bundle website, like Super Hexagon?

  7. You definitely need to make many control modes, I wouldn’t like that how it’s now. If something makes a game, it’s the controls. I’d like a mode with jump at right side and left/right buttons at right side of the screen.

    It could be also left side for left and right side for right. Then jump would be tapping both sides. Or to jump, swipe at any place at any direction. Make a lot of alternatives so people can choose!

  8. When you will release at a distance?
    I like the graphics they re like a comic book.
    So for me looked like super interesting comic book game based in some weird world.
    I can’t wait!

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