Time for a very imPORTant update! Ho ho ho

VVVVVV’s mobile ports are definitely taking a lot longer than anticipated, but things are finally coming to an end. A few days ago, after weeks of testing and fixing bugs and optimising, I finally submitted VVVVVV to the app store! It’ll be in a review for a while, and going live hopefully not too long after that…

So what’s the next step? Well, there’s also the android version (that’s going pretty well too), and the steam update. And one more thing…


The OUYA version!

I like the OUYA as a thing quite a lot – last year I even ported 10 of my freeware games to it for fun! And it’s really cool to be able to play VVVVVV on it too – this’ll be the first time you can actually sit down with a controller and play VVVVVV on a telly, which is kind of a big deal. It should be out at the same time as the other ports – not quite sure when that is yet, but I’ll announce it as soon as I know 🙂

That’s not all, though.


Surprise! I’m also bringing Super Hexagon to OUYA! And real soon, too. Like, next Tuesday. Ahhhhhhh

9 thoughts on “Ports ports ports”
  1. Thank you for bringing these two games to the OUYA! Now the soundtrack to VVVVVV can be stuck in my head forever! Hurrah!

  2. I remember getting VVVVVV in a humble bundle a couple of years ago… That game was absolutely great! Thanks for porting it to the ouya. I am planning to buy it again so that I can also play it on the big screen. 🙂

  3. I think im starting to become super hexagon fan
    Maybe add it and to ps4
    Then I’ll experience playing it on big monitor
    And lose couple of hours
    Maybe my friend will be confused what I am doing:-D

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