11 thoughts on “Moving Stories”
  1. Got the boss ending as well. That was enjoyable. I can’t wait for you to announce or release a new game with storytelling!!

  2. I waited for the time limit to run out just to see if something interesting would happen, but no. I lost 5 minutes of my life. Lol.

    Anyway, nice idea, but I think the game was rather lazy. Other games of yours like Don’t look back, Pathways, Fountain, or even Oiche Mhaith, they leave you like “what the fuck” when you finish (in a good way, and you want to replay the game). This game just left me like “ok”.

  3. I found a small bug. This condition can never be fulfilled

    }else if (itemtotrash == “smalldildo”) {
    if (control.outcome == control.MOVING_IN && control.outcome == control.BREAKING_UP) {
    add(” Oh that? that’s not mine – that’s the cat’s: I’ve sent mine ahead in freight.”);

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