Hey, so here’s what I’m working on! This game has been hanging around unfinished for ages, and I figured it was the perfect thing to give Haxe a proper test run. Here goes!

This is an Increpare fan game. Specifically, of Trigger, one of my favourite games of his. Back in 2012, Stephen made something inspired by one of my games, which led me to thinking this up – I’ve had this idea to get out of my head ever since.

Should be out soon!

5 thoughts on “Super Dodecahedron”
  1. Oh gosh, just played Trigger for a while. Hopefully your fan game is just as fun, but not so dizzying!

    I’ve always admired Increpare’s creativity. He stretched the game mechanic pretty far… but looks like you’re taking it into a whole new dimension 😉

    I am quite curious and excited to see where you’ll take it! Good luck! 😀

  2. I put many many hours into super hexagon and this looks equally promising! Can’t wait for an opportunity to play it!

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